President Lincoln and Ford’s Theater 150 years ago today,
and the momentous changes to the outcome of the Civil War and history as a whole because of this dastardly assassination.

Lincoln and Ford's Theater 150 Years Ago

Lincoln and Ford’s Theater 150 Years Ago

At Genealogy Bank Blog, a great article on how our ancestors
would have learned the news about the assassination:

Lincoln’s Assassination Hits the Newspaper Headlines

Right away, I found this article from a New York newspaper with these shocking headlines. The article provides a series of dispatches that the newspaper received, from the assassination attempt up to President Lincoln’s death at 7:22 a.m. on 15 April 1865.

Can you imagine how this tragedy must have gripped every one of our American ancestors?

Lincoln and Ford's Theater 150 Years Ago

Assassination of President Lincoln, Albany Evening Journal, 15 April 1865

This Maine newspaper uses similar headlines and carries the latest dispatches from Washington regarding Lincoln’s last day alive, the assassination scene, and details of the assassination attempts on Secretary Seward and his son.

Lincoln and Ford's Theater 150 Years Ago

President Lincoln Assassinated, Daily Eastern Argus, 15 April 1865


Newspapers in the South reflected the same shock and sadness, as you can see from this Virginia newspaper.
Lincoln and Ford's Theater 150 Years Ago

editorial about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Alexandria Gazette newspaper article 15 April 1865