Today’s post is about CuriousFox for UK and Ireland research.

CuriousFox is a “village-by-village contact site for anyone researching family history, genealogy and local history in the UK and Ireland.” Everyone can post for free, but only paid members can contact others. Membership is just £5.50 a year.

CuriousFox for UK and Ireland Research

CuriousFox for UK and Ireland Research

UPDATE: Judy Webster, genealogist par excellence in Australia, has a help page here for using CuriousFox. I didn’t want this to be lost in the comments section. Thx, Judy!

CuriousFox offers:

  • Maps and Old Maps
    Shows exact locations on both old and modern maps.
  • Find Nearby
    Find nearby villages and entries for nearby villages.
  • Surname Geosearch
    Search for a surname in any city, village, or town, or within a chosen distance of any place.
    CuriousFox was created to allow people to post messages about genealogy and local history without exposing their email address to spammers or compromising their privacy. We take privacy very seriously. CuriousFox never releases email addresses for marketing purposes, and only sends out the minimum number of emails for the correct functioning of the site.

About CuriousFox:

We wanted to help people researching common surnames like Smith and Davis. Finding the correct Smith family becomes a lot easier if you can search at a village or hamlet level. But at the same time, families often lived in a small cluster of villages so we geocoded the whole site so users can search for a surname within a specified number of miles around any location. You can also search by traditional county, or throughout the whole of UK and Ireland.

Over the years we have built a huge database of place names including many obscure and forgotten villages and hamlets. Many people find CuriousFox and invaluable research tool just for finding places. If you can’t find a place, we are always happy to do a bit of research and see if we can help locate it.

CuriousFox is a semi-hobby business set up and run by a husband and wife team from their home in North Cornwall. CuriousFox lives at Tregoodwell, Camelford, Cornwall.

CuriousFox for UK and Ireland Research is a great way to find others working in the same geographical areas. For more information on UK genealogy research, click here.