These are a few of my favorite genealogy things (no, I’m not going to sing and you don’t want me to)
from my presentation at Rootstech 2014.

DashlaneMy Favorite Genealogy Things

Dashlane is the password manager that I recommend. But it’s so much more than that. It’s available in an iPhone and iPad app and on your desktop. The Dashlane app also:

  • Stores your passwords using military-grade encryption
  • Syncs them automatically across all your devices regardless of platform
  • Notifies you when a website has been compromised
  • Creates online purchase receipts
  • Shares passwords with other designated users through encrypted email
  • Generates strong passwords

The Dashlane Security Dashboard evaluates how safe you are online, based on passwords that are weak, used across multiple sites, or from a site that’s been hacked.

If you want to take Dashlane for a spin, use this link to download and get the first six months of Premium free courtesy of Sassy Jane.

Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides

Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides provide simple and effective ways to research, cite, organize your family tree Sassy Jane Genealogy Guidesresearch. The guides provide you with the best practices of archivists and historians, simplifying the parts of genealogy that seem so complicated they can bog down your research.

There are six titles in the Sassy Jane series and more in the offing. Find a research guide or organizing guide to advance your research today.


GraphicConverter, which has many of the functions of Photoshop, is available for Macs only as a shareware program at for $40. This software is easier to use and offers image editing, slideshow browser, batch conversion, metadata editor, and other functions needed for your family photos.

Time Machine

Time Machine is the built-in backup software application in OS X that works with your Mac and an external drive to keep your data safe. Time Machine will automatically back up your computer an external drive every hour, then keep daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for months before that.

It’s very easy to use, like most Apple products, and it keeps your genealogy data safe.

Reunion 10 for Mac

Reunion 10 for Mac is the leading Mac family tree software. Download a demo version here. Limitations on the demo are:

  • Only 50 people can be entered in a family file
  • Import/Export is disabled
  • Charts and slideshows can’t be saved
  • Printed output will be watermarked

Version 10.0.6 is the latest version and very stable, no problems upgrading my 10,000+ person tree.

Carson Optical MR-25 MagniRead Bar Magnifier

I thought I wanted one of those magnifiers that enlarges an entire printed page, but this bar magnifier gives me better results. And those are a just a few of my favorite genealogy things for Mac and iPad. Stay tuned for more!