New Sassy Jane Guide Coming in May

“The Immigrant: Is He an Acquisition or a Detriment?” Judge, 19 Sep 1903 (Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division,  LC-USZC4-3659)

There’s a new Sassy Jane guide coming in May.

Discovering Immigrant Ancestors contains an extensive 25-page section of links to migration records for every U.S. port and many European ones.

What did your ancestors experience as they left their homes and sailed to America, passed through immigration inspections, and entered the country?

Using resources of the National Archives, Library of Congress, academic archives, and genealogy sources, the guide also covers the complete immigration experience of your ancestors to New York ports, focusing on the second and third waves of immigration, from 1855 at Castle Garden to 1920 at Ellis Island.

The political cartoon above, “The Immigrant: Is He an Acquisition or a Detriment?” was published in 1903 in Judge, a weekly satirical magazine.

Uncle Sam states, “He is brawn and muscle for my country,” while a politician asserts “He makes votes for me.” A day laborer tugs at the immigrant, saying, “He cheapens my labor.” A uniformed immigration officer claims that the immigrant brings with him disease. Another proclaims him a “menace.” Lastly, a plutocrat in the background states, “He is a puzzle to me.”

The new Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide includes this and other images and links for your research, offering a greater understanding what coming to America was like for your immigrant ancestors. Don’t miss the new Sassy Jane guide coming in May.