Reunion 10 for Mac ReleasedReunion 10 for Mac released today – this long-awaited update is here. Ben Sayer has a comprehensive review and guide up on his site that includes a Comparison Chart, What to Know Before You Buy, and What to Know After You Buy. And Leister Productions, the maker of Reunion, has a video on making the transition to 10 available.

And of course, Leister is never prone to discounts, so a new license is $99 USD and an upgrade from any previous version is $49.95 USD. Leister doesn’t tease users with new versions each year and instead produces new versions every three or four years, so the cost does average out.

I think Ben’s review is pretty favorable and I’m off to go purchase my upgrade now.

Update: I’ve been using Reunion 10 for Mac for a few months now and I have to say version 10 is well worth the money. Full review here.

Reunion 10 for Mac released is good news for Mac genealogists.

I’ll stick with Reunion as long as they make it. But if you’re interested in other Mac family tree apps, here’s a list from FamilySearch:

Free Mac Genealogy Software

Commercial Mac Genealogy Programs