Genealogists: Go for a Serendipity Run at the Library of Congress on November 8.
No sneakers required.

Challenged finding what you need for family history research in the vast collections of the Library of Congress? On November 8, Jer Thorp, the Library of Congress Innovator-in-Residence, will host a #SerendipityRun using @LibraryCongress, the Twitter account of the Library of Congress.

Jer Thorp says:

#SerendipityRun is an experiment in collaborative serendipity. During the run, we’ll see how far and wide we can range across the Library’s vast collections, riding waves of whimsy, curiosity and chance. On November 8, join an all-star cast of artists, writers, curators and Library staff as we explore the endless sea of possibility that can be found in the Library!

We are always working on new ways to help you get the content you want. The #SerendipityRun is an opportunity to discover what you didn’t know you wanted and what you happen upon by chance. We’re excited to go where this experiment takes us, to see what you find and to hear your stories.

How to Participate Using #SerendipityRun at the Library of Congress

What: Use the Twitter #SerendipityRun hashtag

When: Thursday, November 8, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. US EST

Where: We’ll kick it off from the @LibraryCongress Twitter account. Follow the activity using the #SerendipityRun hashtag.

Why: Take a serendipity-powered tour through the Library of Congress collections. Connect with others and share stories through primary sources.

Who: You! And LC staff have special guests joining them during the three-hour run  that you can participate in, too.

How: During the run, if someone tweets an item from the Library’s collections that connects with you, look at the item on What did the item make you think of? Does it remind you of something or make you curious to find other content? Did it help you with your family history research? If you find a new item that interests you, tweet that item using the #SerendipityRun hashtag and share your story. Be sure to add the link and attach an image, so others can use it as a jumping-off point for their discoveries.


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Join us this Thursday on Twitter and don’t forget to use the #SerendipityRun hashtag.