The invaluable Genealogy on Facebook List updated Feb 2017. Compiled by talented genealogist (and my friend) Katherine R. Willson of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Genealogy on Facebook List contains 10,600+ links to English-speaking Facebook groups & pages related to genealogy & history. Inspired by her success using Facebook to break down some of her brick walls, Katherine’s Genealogy on Facebook List is a gold mine of resources.

Katherine’s genealogy research on locations, subjects, time periods, ethnicity, societies, and other resources. The list is laid out well and easy to navigate and has a Table of Contents. The list is arranged by location or subject. Links for locations on Facebook include virtually every country from Australia to Zimbabwe; U.S. locations are broken out by state. Subject links run the gamut from adoption to surnames. The links include subject groups that collaborate only on Facebook, and links to existing organizations, libraries, archives, societies and surname groups.

Download the 308-page PDF file containing 10,600+ links (updated in February 2017) to English-speaking Facebook groups & pages related to genealogy & history here:  “Genealogy on Facebook” List.  To be notified each time the list is updated, please “like” Katherine’s professional Facebook page at

Gail Dever has a broader Canadian list that includes French-speaking groups & pages, and that can be downloaded at Facebook for Canadian Genealogy.  Alona Tester has an Australian list that can be downloaded at Facebook for Australian History & Genealogy.

I found German genealogy groups through this list. They have been an incredible resource when I need help translating parish records. The Scottish groups are also great. And it’s always good to meet researchers working in the same geographic areas or surnames.

Give the Genealogy on Facebook List updated Feb 2017, the Facebook for Canadian Genealogy, and Facebook for Australian History & Genealogy lists a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the many, many resources they contain. And thanks to Katherine,Gail, and Alona for maintaining these lists.