OperationPhotoRescue.org is a charitable organization of volunteer photography enthusiasts who help rescue and restore damaged photos, particularly after natural disasters. o”Insurance doesn’t restore memories, but we do” is their tagline.

OperationPhotoRescue makes two to three “copy runs” per year, usually to locations in the U.S. that have suffered major disasters. OPR organizes outreach both photo restorers and those who need to get their damaged photos treated. OPR uses public libraries and other community spaces for their copy runs.

At these events, volunteers take photos of the damaged photos and upload them images to PhotoShelter’s Multi-User account, where photo restorers worldwide begin their salvage work.

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Courtesy operationphotorescue.org

In addition to photo rescues after disasters, OPR runs a forum on their website “where volunteers from all over the world collaborate and share tips on the best techniques to restore severely damaged photos.” The OPR blog updates contributors and volunteers on the latest activities.

To volunteer, visit: www.operationphotorescue.org/volunteer

Their headquarters:

Operation Photo Rescue, Inc.
1355 E. 6th Ave.
El Dorado, KS 67042-8650

Here is some of their recent work:

Kristy Cranston, a student at Brooklyn College, set up a Random Act of Kindness with Operation Photo Rescue to preserve photographs damaged on Staten Island during Hurricane Sandy. Kristy and three other classmates worked with a preservation specialist to scan damaged photos.


Courtesy OperationPhotoRescue.org

Most recently, Operation Photo Rescue was in at the Moore Public Library in Moore, Oklahoma, in October to help residents whose photos were damaged by the tornadoes in May of 2013.

OperationPhotoRescue.org sassy jane genealogy family photos

Courtesy operationphotorescue.org