sassy jane genealogy in family tree magazine Welcome to all of my new readers who found Sassy Jane Genealogy in Family Tree Magazine.

Lisa Louise Cooke‘s article, “Social Media Mavericks: 40 to Follow,” includes this site and my posts on Facebook. It’s been a wonderful week with lots of new readers and I want to thank Lisa for including me.

Let’s also take a look at some of the other genealogists in the article. You can’t go wrong with:

CeCe Moore
Genetic genealogist CeCe Moore specializes in genealogy and adoption research. Visit her websites Your Genetic Genealogist and Adoption and DNA.

The Legal Genealogist
Judy G. Russell just delivered the keynote at Rootstech and is one of genealogy’s shining stars. Visit her site, The Legal Genealogist, and follow her on Twitter @legalgen for useful information on legal issues and genealogy.

Ancestor Hunter
Ancestor Hunter’s Vintage Maps board features 60 maps at Pinterest. Check out 26 other boards devoted to genealogy and history from this researcher.

Robin Foster: Genealogy & More
Robin Foster’s Saving Stories, with a focus on African-American genealogy, has a wealth of information. Her tag is “Helping all people find ancestor’s stories.”

Sassy Jane Genealogy Blog
And of course you can find Sassy Jane Genealogy at PinterestTwitter, Google+ and on Facebook.

And now:

Sassy Jane Genealogy Newsletter
Now there’s one more, new way to stay in touch. Have you subscribed to First Friday Genealogy with Sassy Jane? It’s 1. short, 2. sweet, 3. free. It features highlights, tips, and tricks from Sassy Jane Genealogy, and its arrival is timed to inspire your weekend family history research. The second issue went out today.