SOS Save Our Stuff 2015

The American Library Association is now promoting SOS Save Our Stuff 2015. Each year during national Preservation Week in the United States, ALA reaches out to family historians and cultural organizations with helpful resources for preserving archives and family records. Here are the links for SOS Save Our Stuff 2015:

Preservation Facts

Shocking facts that illustrate the need for national preservation awareness.

More Preservation Facts

More facts that discusses how items become damaged and simple steps to keep items safe.

Resources for Military Families

Information for the specific challenges that come with documenting and preserving a military career.

Preserving Your Memories

Organized by material type, these websites, books, and other sources give useful information on caring for any kind of collection.

Disaster Recovery

Information for before and after a disaster has damaged precious collections.

Bibliographies & Indexes

A list of links to resources collected by professional preservation organizations


Video resources showing ways and reasons to preserve collections

Preservation for Children

Tools to help children understand the importance of preservation.

Comprehensive Resources

Resources in Other Languages

Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, and Arabic resources for spreading the preservation message.

Fiction Books About Conservation

Fiction Books About Books For Book Groups

May Day is the perfect time to use the links from SOS Save Our Stuff 2015 to help your family records.