The fall sale on archival supplies for genealogy is going on right now. Get 20 percent off everything at Hollinger Metal Edge, where professional archivists, libraries, museums, and archives buy their supplies.


I am dismayed when genealogists tell me they buy acid-free supplies for their priceless family papers at discount stores, home parties, or other outlets that aren’t in the preservation business. That isn’t where libraries or archives shop and neither should you. Archivists swear by Hollinger, the leader in this field since 1945. If they say it’s acid-free, you can count on it.

Products I really like include:

Flip-top Document Storage Boxes for letters and other documents

Flat Storage Boxes for textiles and storage of oversized documents

3-mil. Archival Polyester Sleeves for photographs

If you’ve heard my presentation on organization, you know that this is where you should be spending your storage dollar, instead of buying binders, color-coded systems, and sheet protectors from discounters and office supply stores. Please store your original and vintage materials appropriately in trusted archival supplies like the ones from Hollinger. (And I have no financial interest in or affiliation with Hollinger; I just trust their products.)

Some recommendations for your family records:

1. Move family records and photographs out of the garage, attic, or basement. Damp, mold, and temperature extremes are bad for photographs. Remember – they like the same temperature and humidity that you do.
2. Check the backs of old framed family photographs. Acidic wood and paper backing in old frames can damage your photographs.
3. Handle photographs at the edges with clean, dry hands. If you intend to work with your family papers for more than a few minutes, wear gloves.
4. Store photographs and create family photo albums using archival quality supplies, including using photo corners. Never use self-adhesive photo albums, glue, or tape.
5. Move framed family photographs and records out of direct sunlight. Check to make sure (and recheck as the seasons change) that your family photographs aren’t getting daily doses of UV radiation from sunlight that, over time, will fade them permanently.
6. Advice about organizing and storing your family photographs is available in Cataloging Digital Family Photographs and Records, a Sassy Jane Genealogy Guide.

Storing your family papers and photos isn’t cheap, so don’t miss the Fall Sale on Archival Supplies for Genealogy. Sale ends December 1.